Wiser For Having Known This – July 2016

I’m trying a new thing where I share some links I enjoyed, both serious and silly.  Here’s a bunch of July reads that I’m better for having read:

First, a moment of silence for the legendary Gudy Gaskill, mother of The Colorado Trail, who passed away this month at the age of 89. Without her influence, persistence, and hard work, The Colorado Trail would not have happened. I didn’t know her but she changed my life when I hiked it 2 years ago. Words can’t express my the amount of gratitude or inspiration I feel when I think of her.

Carrot Quinn’s blog on her week in the Brooks Range brought back a flood of joy from my own experience of backpacking in ANWR a year ago. I believe it must be one of the wildest and most special places in the world and I think about it every day.

The Katmai National Park bear cam accompanied me through a bunch of conference calls this month.

An important topic worth more discussion: Thank you, White Privilege for the Dirtbag Dream.

I thoroughly enjoyed this nerd-out on animal weaponry.

Building capacity to take in all the beauty around us.

Michelle Obama’s speech made my heart soar and I loved reading about the woman behind the speech.

History, y’all.  And what Bill wore.

I laugh so I won’t cry. This hits a little too close to home: How to be a non-threatening woman.

People are naturally inclined to do good and yet we design our systems and institutions with the assumption of selfishness.

A treasure of a find: excerpts from Eleanor Roosevelt’s love letters to Lorena Hickok.